Petrostl – On the corner of the road

بتروستل على ناصية الطريق

With our ambition we believed in the challenge and we went through it in the courtyards of the Saudi Market, and we chose the name to be a symbol of our successes, and fit with the strategy of Jaawer in expansion and attendance.
By providing the maintenance of cars and their supplies and washing and selling spare parts and trucks with their tires, in addition to fuel stations including motels and integrated service facilities, we look forward to becoming Petrostl as the first destination for road pioneers in the Kingdom, with the creation of shopping and hosting centers known for Petrostl inside and outside the Kingdom.
This can only be done by providing the best services in national hands, by supporting the stations with experience prior to the international experiences, to provide the consumer with a luxury service that brings us to the title of the best Saudi company in its petroleum services.